Wednesday, September 17, 2008

welcome to our world!

We are creating this blog in an effort to catch and keep close some of the amazing experiences we have as parents. Liam just called me today, in fact, to tell me in wide-eyed wonderment all about a caterpillar that landed on the windshield of the car. "We were coming home in the car when suddenly a caterpillar fell from the tree on the windshield right on the car and landed there!" He went on to tell me what color it was, and how he and Erin carefully moved it to our front yard where it could live.

This is trivial and perhaps even mundane for most people, but not for him! And by extension, not for me! Events like this can fill the imagination of a 4 year old kid, and his urgent request to call me at work and tell me about it has filled my imagination too (and really made me wish I worked from home today.)

This is a place where we can share these amazing events, photos, video clips, and pretty much anything else. I want everyone in our network of extended family and close friends to have access to it, and to contribute if they want. Got a story about Liam? Or a story that relates to parenting? Or some great photos? Just let me know and I will add you as a co-editor of this blog. (It's very easy to post things here.)

I will be posting fairly often. I have 4 years of stories and memories to catch up on, and I want to get them down before their magic fades!

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